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Learn with Your Ears, Not with Your Eyes!

SEC is short for Super Easy Chinese, which is an Understandable, Repetitive Listening-Answering System which can help you speak Chinese without thinking!

NO Need Grammer
There no need to invest a lot of time and effort to study complicated grammar rules. There is a way to improve grammar fluency, without studying, just listen carefully, relax, and don’t think about grammar rules.
NO Tranning Class
Don’t spend your time and effort on some meaningless training class, what is important is find effective method. Learn with your Ears not your eyes. Just listen, relax and enjoy it. Listen SEC several times each day for at least a week.
Suitable Self-study
The relaxing way to learn to speak Chinese is by listening to real Chinese articles about interesting topics. You can avoid memorizing complex grammatical rules and learn how children do. Listen to the Magic Story.

Five Problems VS SEC System

For Adults to Learn Chinese

Problem One
  • There is no time sacred to study Chinese or take a Chinese course!
SEC System
  • SEC is a great listening material. You can make full use your odd moments.
Problem One
  • Maybe you feel Chinese is difficult to learn and you are suffering defeat after defeat, you don’t know where to being.
SEC System
  • SEC system mainly focuses on listening, listen to those you can understand first, then learn to speak Chinese by answering question.
Problem One
  • There is no suitable teaching material and tool, and teaching material in the market hasn’t much appear for you.
SEC System
  • SEC system create a brand-new learning approach and form of lessons, it will help you learn Chinese quickly by listening -> Speaking -> Answering Story.
Problem One
  • You can't escape from grammar, you hate grammar rules, what you learned is useless, you don’t know how to say in real situations and you cannot express yourself clearly.
SEC System
  • SEC system lets you answer super easy store, and force you to open your mouth to speak Chinese. Without studying, just listen carefully, relax, and don’t think about grammar rules.
Problem One
  • You have learned Chinese for long time, but you can’t understand native speakers and you can’t keep up with their speed.
SEC System
  • SEC system emphasizes on listening simple material, then to a normal speed, after a period of training you will understand what you hear naturally.

Everyone can spank Chinese in 6 months! IF you don't speak chinese better after 6 months, we will refund 2X the cost. That's right -200% . The SEC System is totally different. The old study methods you used in the past are boring compared to this system. You have never used Chinese lessons like these!

--- Mr Wang. The Founder of SEC System



  • The Start-level package provides 17 Chinese speaking lessons, each lesson includes 3-4 MP3 files and 3-4 PDF files, and takes 10-25 minutes. Thousands of students worldwide have used my methods with this lesson package. They all think it's the natural way of learning Chinese — the easy, completely proven method that you've probably never used before.




  • The Advanced-level package provides 18 Chinese speaking lessons, each lesson includes 4 MP3 files and 4 PDF files, and takes 20-35 minutes. This lesson is perfect for the students who want to speak Chinese fluently and accurately, and those who want to use correct Chinese grammar automatically when they speak. It gives you the method to speak correct Chinese without studying any Chinese grammar.
  • The product covers start level package and advanced level package. Totally the MP3 lesson is an understandable repetitive listening system. It is not boring lessons, you don't need to study grammar, you don't need to go to school. it is the nutually way of human language learning. the goal is make true communication. we don't need to waste our time for useless study. speak fluency is the most important goal.
Learn Chinese Anytime and Anywhere


You download all of your 35 audio Chinese lesson sets as MP3 and PDF files in Email.


-- You can play the Chinese lessons on your computer, iPod, iPhone, Smart phone or any other device.

-- You can learn chinese easily in the car, on the bus or train, while you cook, while you walk, while you shop.









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Will you ever speak Chinese out easily? 


Will you ever feel relaxed and happy when you speak Chinese?

You have studied Chinese for years. You read Chinese well, but when it's time to speak – you feel nervous, embarrassed, shy and even feel yourself just like a fool, right?

Do Chinese people have trouble understanding you? Do they seem confused when you speak Chinese? Is it difficult for you to understand native speakers? You've been learning chinese for years but you still can't understand Chinese speskers easily, why?


Many Chinese learners often go to cram schools and they study very hard, but get nowhere. So, what is wrong? What is the answer?  


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Why Choose SEC Sytem ?

Many people benefit from SEC Chinese teaching system. They are giving the same results that this is the best and easiest way!

SEC is a great listening material. You can make full use your odd moments. Learn Naturally and Playfully Like a Child.

SEC:  mainly focuses on listening. Listen to those you can understand first. Then learn to speak Chinese by answering questions. 

SEC:  Never Study Grammar Rules, Emotional Lessons That are Memorable

SEC create a new seciential way. It will help you to learn Chinese quickly by listening → speaking → answering story. 

SEC will let you answer the super easy questions. And force you to open your mouth to speak Chinese. 

SEC emphasizes on listening to easy, simple material. Then to normal speed. After a period of training you will understand what you hear naturely.


What Our Students Say Us:

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  • Hello, I’m Jim. I had many issues with learning Chinese. Other instructional programs didn’t work. After trying your lessons for learning Chinese, I am convinced of the effectiveness of your program after just a few weeks. Thank you Wang.
  • -- Cheryl Todd-U.S.A
  • Thank you Mr. Wang for the rule of learning to speak Chinese. I purchased it because it made more sense than other programs. Much easier than other boring Chinese study. Thank you again for help. Go on, man.
  • -- Lee Jeong-Korea
  • I really like your style. I began your first lesson. My grammar is acceptable but my written Chinese needs work. Since I have enlisted the help of your program, I have made some remarkable strides.
  • -- Jeck Bingham-Australia